North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

NEAPP Board meeting Sunday 29 January 2023 10am by Zoom


Chris Murray, Chair

Kate Page

Jan McGregor Hepburn

Gill Jackson

Judith Townsley

Will Ralston


In attendance: Jo Chakal, minutes

Apologies: Student reps had been invited.

  1. Chair welcomed all to the meeting and introductions were made among members.
  2. Conflicts of interest/Risks – no new ones reported though still a concern about lack of interest in various roles.
  3. Minutes of previous meetings and matters arising – minutes agreed as accurate, no matters arising.
  4. Arts & mems – Chair noted the latest version had been circulated to clinical members for information and any comment by 5thDecember, only one colleague had responded to say they were fine. Chair asked for agreement to ratify the changes. It was agreed and Chair will submit changes via a form to the Charities Commission with the amendment date. Relevant parts of the Roles & Responsibilities and the Conflict of Interest Policy had been amended by the Chair in light of updates to the Arts & Mems. Further changes agreed today – the acronym SORP to be written to show it meant a charity’s Statement of Recommenced Practice in the Conflict of Interest Policy.

There was one other amendment that related to the Training Committee function and responsibilities. The wording needs to say that the appointing of training therapists ought to be delegated via a Training Therapist and Supervisor sub-committee, which is how it is functioning presently.

  1. BPC – Reaccreditation report still not received as of this week. Chair and CEO of BPC are visiting NEAPP on 11 March.

Chris had created an outline agenda for the day, colleagues agreed to add on a discussion on NEAPP’s concerns around sustainability given the small teams and lack of support for roles, and seek BPC input on succession planning and the possibility of a future merger.

  1. Recruitment for board and committee roles – Chair advised that the Ethics Committee is now established, though this remains an ongoing issue with no new volunteers for any of the other vacant roles or Board roles undertaken by core members. Members discussed the decision on the Ethics Chair’s attendance at Board.

Chair repeated the need for a new NEAPP Chair and a new Finance Director as both she and Judith had served several terms with extensions having been agreed by Board at the end of each term.

Will noted his term was extended in September 2022 by the Board though he advised he wishes to leave in April 2023.

Colleagues discussed past interest from partner organisations and whether a merger could be a realistic path, Jan noted BPF in London had once expressed an interest. Another possibility is the Scottish MI. Jan and Chris agreed to pursue enquiries.

  1. Operational committee report – Jan gave an update, she noted the website is progressing well, Cath and Margherita are spending significant time with the developer. They are liaising with Amy Izycky for some images. Room-booking is being explored as a function, though access & confidentiality are key. A new email address for bookings is being considered.

Jan noted Helen Morgan is visiting on 10 June to hold a clinical seminar on the Work of Whiteness, dealing with Equality & Diversity. Jan is checking whether this can be hybrid so it can be recorded.

The colleague currently renting the room is retiring at Easter. The associate member who expressed an interest in using the room is now approved and plans to use it from the Autumn term. Chair thanked Jan and the Ops team for the extensive work taking place.

  1. Course director’s report – Kate fed back about the trainings. She noted there are ten trainees, 6 PA and 4 PD.

Two trainees are almost due to finish Infant Obs and submit reports.

Kate advised the in-person Plenary last term went well, incorporating feedback on the independent experiential group, members had been reassured this remains outwith NEAPP and is not fed back to the Training Committee.

Kate noted that the Training Therapist and Supervisor Sub-committee are meeting with the external examiner on April 1st.

Curriculum – Kate confirmed Jan has secured several prominent future seminar speakers.

Introductory lectures – Judith reported there were three very good applicants though this was insufficient to launch the course, so it has been postponed.

Kate noted the Training Therapist and Supervisor Sub-committee will be meeting with a Scottish colleague soon about a trainee joining the seminars.

  1. Finances – Judith reported on the final figures from the accounts, noting recent expenditure has exceeded income as was previously expected.

Judith noted the utilities are expensive and would check them with British Gas. She then queried whether Board wished to keep the membership fees at the same cost as she is due to write to members. Board agreed to a 5% rise to take account of increased costs in running the organisation.

Jan formally proposed an uplift to clinical member fees to £240. This was ratified by Kate, Will and Gill.

Jan noted tutorial, supervision and seminar fees paid to supervisors and colleagues are very low and have not been increased for almost a decade. She proposed a small price rise be discussed by Board that may be more attractive to colleagues and external speakers.

Chair advised she and other Trustees with multiple roles would need to abstain from any decision due to a conflict of interest, this could be debated by lay members once Judith prepares a proposal to be discussed at the next Board meeting.

It was agreed for members to consider who in their circles might be interested in board roles and discuss further, with an approach to clinical membership included.

  1. AOB: None
  2. Date of next meeting: Sunday 26 March at 10.00am by Zoom. May meeting to be in person if possible.