In order to achieve this we need to collect and store a limited amount of personal data for members or friends of the Society.

What Information do we collect?

  • Names and addresses of all subscribing members (provided to us via membership Application Forms or Change of Address Notifications)
  • Email addresses where they have been provided to us
  • Contact details of non-members who request to be informed about NEAPP events or want to attend events which require their registration.
  • Paypal or card payment details where provided to us, to facilitate payments to, and by, NEAPP.

What do we do with your data

  • Names and addresses are used to manage your membership.
  • Email addresses may be used to send information about forthcoming NEAPP activities. You will be able to opt out or unsubscribe at any time. 
  • Provide information or publications to non-members on request, using whatever contact details are provided to us.

Protecting your data

The names, addresses and email addresses of members are held by the NEAPP. Any changes should be notified to the relevant committee member. 

All reasonable steps are taken to maintain security and protect against unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, falsification or unauthorized disclosure.

We will not pass any contact details onto any third party (unless instructed by you to do so).

Any individual has the right to request access to the information held, correct any information that may be incorrect, or withdraw consent to our use of your data, by emailing us at:

If we receive a request to have an individual’s personal data removed from use by NEAPP, their contact details will be deleted and they will be sent an email informing them of our actions.