North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

North of England Association of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapists

Applying for Training

A non-returnable administrative fee of £75 is required to accompany each formal application.

Course Fees

The fee for each term is £1,250 for nine terms. Fees are fixed for each 3-year period. There may be an index-linked rise in fees each year, but this rise is only applicable to new intakes. 

Course Fees cover the following:

  • the 3-year academic programme 
  • the Infant Observation course,
  • all tutorials and plenaries,
  • all marking of reports and written papers,
  • the Reading-In process

Year 4+ Trainees are required to pay £150 per term for the Clinical Seminars, until qualification.

The Course Fees are usually paid on a termly basis or (by special arrangement) by monthly Standing Order, or over a longer period. Further details can be obtained from the Finance Director, Ms. Judith Townsley.    

Supervision Costs

Please note that for the payment of supervision costs, the trainee him/herself is required to pay the supervisor directly until qualification. The cost is in the region of £50 per supervision.

Weekly supervision sessions are required for each case. The required clinical work for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy training is one 2 year case (3 times weekly) and one 18 month case (3 times weekly) and for the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training one 18 month case and one 12 month case (once or twice weekly). 

Additional Supervision

Fees for supervision associated with the required clinical work, are around 42 sessions per year. Once the above requirements have been met, trainees will need to continue with supervision until the case is finished, or until qualification, whichever is sooner. Payment for this additional supervision is the responsibility of the trainee. At current costs this is likely to be in the region of £50 per session.

Personal Therapy

Fees for personal therapy are entirely the responsibility of the trainee. At current costs, such fees are likely to be in the region of £50-60 per session.

Further Information

Any queries concerning the above please contact Ms Judith Townsley 

Applications for Training

Applicants for the psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychodynamic psychotherapy trainings should normally:

  • have a university degree or hold a recognised professional qualification and be able to demonstrate the ability to complete an intellectually demanding theoretical course;
  • have had several years of post-graduate professional practice including experience working with clients or patients with mental and psychological disturbance; and
  • have completed a one-year introductory course or its equivalent in psychoanalytically-oriented psychotherapy.

Applicants for the modified training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy should have had at least two years of clinical experience since qualification.

How to Apply

People interested in applying, whether now or in the future, are encouraged to contact us to discuss informally whether they have sufficient experience and, if not, how it might be gained.  Enquiries should be addressed to the Course Director.